Yannick Albrecht

Co-Founder & CMO

Why OAK?

The World is slowly but surely heating up, and to be blunt about it the current working generation isn’t looking to do something about it.

However, my generation and the next will be heavily affected by it. So I won’t stop doing something which will keep the planet Green for the Generations to come, and HOPES give me the chance to do that daily.

However, you may not find me at the head office…

I am currently based  Frankfurt studying at EBS, where I am implementing the HOPES academy 

How did I get Involved?

I got introduced to OAK through a series of crazy and seemingly impossible events and all I can tell you, is that it was simply meant to be! I met Gaetan in 2018 in Lisbon, where at that time I had ended my hotel internship.

I have been part of the movement ever since. 

My age allows the initiative to remain current and inspire further to join the movement a simple yet inevitable movement to push forward a clean, Inclusive, sustainable revolution.