Sasha Ginsburg

Co-Founder & COO

Why OAK?

I have always been fascinated by technological development and its impact on how we live our lives. However, while technological development of the 20th century was unprecedented, it had little regard for sustainability. Now that we have recognised the problem of climate change and the finite nature of Earth’s resources, these issues need to guide our technological and societal development so that we can continue to grow while increasing prosperity for generations to come. OAK’s efforts to promote sustainable energy consumption couldn’t be more important.

How did I get Involved?

For an innovation challenge as part of my MBA at Imperial College London, I decided to tackle the problem of providing viable energy efficiency services to SMEs.

One week later, I was introduced to Gaetan and I could hardly believe that he had started a business solving the exact same problem! It was clear from the beginning that we had a lot to offer each other and now I am on board helping drive The OAK Initiative.