Gaetan Cuvillier

Founder & CEO

Climate change is a clear threat to us all.

It also represents the one basic principle that we can all agree on, that we need a sustainable planet to insure the well-being of future generations to come. 

However, the last 30 years of economic and industrial development have made us forget one very important detail: Profit cannot win over environmental sustainability. Yet the system is designed to generate profit over long term impact and to me that philosophy lacks more than common sense. 

Why Oak?

At OAK, we decided to see climate disaster as an opportunity to bring individuals together to use today’s technologies to fights today’s problem and improve collectively tomorrows future.

It is our generations chance to use a universal challenge to incentivise unity towards  a sustainable world. The stone age did not end because we ran out of stone, it ended because a more disruptive, efficient source of energy was discovered.

Fossil fuel age must end, and will come to its natural end when the world can collectively transit to a clean and sustainable energy era.

OAK is our answer, a digital root network designed to connect anyone that cares and wants their data to be used to power a clean and sustainable world for all. Simply because hope beats fear, it must.

I invite you to join The OAK Revolution with us!

And remember: Impossible n’est pas Francais 😉