Debapratim Mukherjee


Why OAK?

I would like to state my inspiration behind being associated with OAK in a pointwise format:

  1. First and foremost, the industry OAK caters to i.e. the Energy Industry. This industry is highly contributing to pollution, and we need a method to control this. For this, we need to monitor first. Thus OAK!
  2. Data: Being an engineer and mathematics enthusiast, data is something that interests me and when it is energy data, it is a cherry on top. Thus OAK!
  3. Work culture: I would love to invite all young passionate individuals who want to make a difference in this world to come and join OAK. Finding better management and work culture is impossible to find in this era. Thus OAK!
  4. Freedom of work: All the associates of OAK are free to establish their ideas and way of working. At the end of the day, as a part of management, we just want the job to be done. The path is not important until it is ethical and moral. Thus OAK!
  5. Moral: The company’s morals are very strong due to the co-founders associated with this company. The cofounders have zero tolerance for any wrongdoings in the company. This gives a huge boost to work forward and keeps everyone motivated even during hard times. Thus OAK!