Andrew Walsh

Client Relationship Manager

Why Oak?

20 years in the hospitality trade have taught me one thing, the customer is always right.

So when I met Gaetan, it became clear that OAK had to be something the customer would want to adopt in order to truly make the technology disruptive. 

I believe in a network adoption based on the hospitality industry customer care, with capabilities that can be adapted to any industry looking to do more for their own customers, a true sustainable revolution.

When I met Gaetan, I was given a challenge to improve the carbon footprint of the hospitality industry, by reducing their energy wastage and therefore their fixed costs.

This was enough for me to join in a new adventure,  bringing along my hospitality background to help us develop a true revolutionary implementation of a tech that has the capacity to really help businesses.

OAK is an approach we are proud to promote, as it is a true win win solution for each participating member.