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What is the OAK Network?

The OAK Network is a subscription based energy optimisation platform, connecting energy users to a sustainable future.

What does The OAK Network do?

The OAK Network helps businesses gain a transparent understanding of their energy requirement whilst helping them reduce their overconsumption of energy by providing them with monthly reports detailing What/When/How energy is used or misused. 

Our monthly actionable insights enables business operators/owners to implement sustainable energy management improvements that helps reduce cost and environmental impact. 

By bringing many small energy users together under one network, OAK empowers each consumer through sustainable crowd intelligence capabilities, and we do this by:

Sustainability as a Service – The OAK Network brings all the data together. With your monthly reports we advise and monitor real-time energy usage to give you a full overview of your consumption patterns and target areas to reduce carbon and cost. 

Hardware – We use OAK compatible wireless IoT devices that do everything from monitoring electricity usage, air quality, over usage alerts, remote turn off and turn on of appliances. 

Who is OAK Network for?

We specialise in the SME business market but are also present in the education sector We will be expanding to other industries in the near future, and eventually you will be able to use The OAK Network for your own home. 

The service we provide is tailored for anyone that wants to gain an independent view and control of how they can reduce and save.

The reports will liberate you from the inaccuracies and guesswork that arise from estimated bills. Instead, you will know exactly what you consume and when, on a second-to-second basis. We use this data to provide you with a month-by-month plan on how to optimise your consumption, allowing you to save costs while saving the environment.

How do I join the OAK Network?

You can visit us on or send an email to 

As a part of each customer’s journey, we offer a two-month free trial in order to demonstrate the benefits of our network. 

Here is a list of information we would need from to join the network: 

  • GDPR Consent form signed 
  • OAK statistical site survey completed 
  • Pictures of existing electrical setup on site 
  • Copies of 3 months of electricity bills 

The following information is required to enable us to deliver a tailor made service to your business. We want to gain your trust and be as transparent as possible.

How is my data kept secured?

At OAK we take security very seriously and we do everything we can to ensure your data is secure. All communications between the OAK monitor and the OAK cloud servers are encrypted and respect the highest ISO21001 and GPDR security protocol. 

OAK use Heroku for cloud servers and online storage. Personally identifiable information like email addresses and account information is stored in physically separate systems from any application data. Physical security is managed by Amazon and access to these production systems is limited to a very small group of OAK engineering team members who are fully vetted.

As a full-time member of the independent ICO “information commissioner’s office, If we cannot resolve your complaint you have the right to complain about the use of your personal data to the Information Commissioner’s Office at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK95AF.

How do I install?

The OAK compatible sensor used for full members should only be installed by a licensed electrician. The installation itself is quick and easy, but it requires opening up your electrical panel and connecting sensors to the service mains. These wires are live, even with your main breaker switched off, and are thus very dangerous. Only a licensed electrician is qualified to work in these conditions.

The OAK Network IoT Hub, Smart Plug, Meter Reader, Meter Clamping Reader are all ‘plug and play’ devices and will not require a licenced electrician. These are all included in the 2-month free trial package, so you can experience the OAK Network capabilities without paying for installation. 

Email us at for information on electricians with experience installing The OAK Network tech, or join with the PRO PACKAGE where the cost of a professional installation is included.

How does The OAK Network tech work?

The OAK Network takes current and voltage measurements every minute with sensors that clamp-on to the fuseboard. From this live data, it derives consumption patterns based on time of use, volume and business statistical data to deliver a long-term energy management service.

Within the first 2 free months post-installation, OAK should be able to find some energy optimisation behaviours recommendations and actionable insight for businesses to follow and start saving. 

We then are capable of recommending time of use technology to automate appliances  to increase the business’s savings capabilities.

Our Climate KIC case studies are available here for further information. Follow the link to learn more about how this works and the savings potential behind a sustainable time management schedule by powered by OAK. 

Is the OAK Network compatible with solar generation and other clean tech?

Absolutely, our aim is to help you reduce and optimise your consumption to achieve carbon neutrality under your own terms.

Green generation plays a big part in achieving that goal. Our tech will recommend whenever suitable to implement your own green generation source.

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