Case Study

Electricity Optimisation for Manufacturer

Industrial manufacturing company, was experiencing a significant increase in their electricity bills and while they had a great electricity rate. They struggled to identify the underlying cause of their escalating costs, as their untracked energy consumption kept increasing.

That’s when they decided to partner with OAK Network to conduct an electricity optimisation analysis. OAK’s team of experts performed a comprehensive review of clients energy usage and identified several areas where client could reduce their energy consumption and costs.

Potential Annual Savings

Electricity - Megawatts
£ - Thousands
CO2 - Tonnes

The recommendations provided were customized to suit the specific energy needs of the manufacturing industry and aimed to assist in achieving optimal energy savings.

Once the energy-efficient solutions are implemented, OAK Client should see a significant reduction in their electricity consumption and costs. An impressive £60,008 of annual savings are predicted to be achieved.

OAK’s solutions will also help manufacturer to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability, aligning with the company’s corporate social responsibility goals.

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