Our Belief

“We believe that every business is capable of making a difference and moving towards net zero, OAK Network is here to hold your hand every step of the way

More than just a team

We are an international team that prioritises impact over profit to better our planet for future generations.

Gaetan Cuvillier

Founder & CEO

Yannick Albrecht

Co-Founder & CMO

Sasha Ginsburg

Co-Founder & COO

Deividas Rudokas

Operations Manager

Jessica Lee

Marketing Manager

Mia Hildebrandt

Head of Sales

Sadegh Khoubyari

Installation Director

Nicholas Stewart

Regional Sales for Scotland

Alexandra Garus

Energy Management Specialist

Stella Lander

Content Manager

Our Mission

“Our climate is changing, it’s degrading at a dangerous pace because of our lack of basic control over our energy supply chain. We view energy as a commodity, instead of what it truly is: a way to empower our future. With basic control and increased awareness of our consumption, we can have a real impact this is why we created OAK


Dr. Salvador Acha

Energy Analytics
Dr. Gugs Lushai

Dr. Gugs Lushai

Innovation Funding

Dietmar Keuschnig


Scott Poynton

Carbon Capture Strategy

Laurence Adams

Content Writer - Sustainability

James Hopkins


Our Partners