Bespoke Energy Management System

Make informed decisions with OAK’s real-time consumption dashboard, quarterly reports, and data-driven energy insights, saving our members up to 20% on their electricity bills.

What's your business profile?

Electricity Consumption Profile - Bill Breakdown (%)
  • Lights - (1st Floor)
  • Heating - (2nd Floor)
  • Kitchen - (1st Floor)
  • Kitchen - (2nd Floor)
  • Coffee Machine - (2nd Floor)
  • Oven - (2nd Floor)
  • Air Conditioning - (Overall)

OAK’s dashboard has a distinct advantage over standard electricity bills, giving our clients a transparent overview of their electricity consumption, including specific details on where and what is being used.

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Find out how OAK has enabled our members to make informed decisions, leading to real savings

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Case Study

Shared Office Space
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What OAK Provides

Live Dashboard

Monitor important metrics, identify trends, spot issues and make data-driven decisions faster


Receive alerts when your consumption is abnormal and keep up-to-date with the performance of your business

Predictive Maintenance

Get alerts when your equipment needs maintenance to prevent unexpected breakdowns

Bill Validation

Recognise instances of overcharging, consolidate records into a single location, and forecast for future invoices

Quarterly and Annual Site Performance Reports

A Quarterly and Annual summary of the essential key performance indicators delivered directly to your email inbox

Separate accounts for business owners and management team

A tailored dashboard to meet different needs

Industry benchmarking

Assess your business efficiency by comparing it to established industry standards and best practices

All the Single-Site Benefits

Plus all the additional features below

Multisite Comparison

Central Dashboard to manage all of your portfolios in one place

Community ESCO

A unified entity that manages portfolios and leverages smart data for more efficient decision-making and economies of scale

Open API

Improve your current system's capabilities by integrating OAK's API

Staff Training and Engagement Program

Structured approach to developing and improving the knowledge, skills, and motivation of employees

Net ZERO Strategy

A customised strategy designed to address the impacts of climate change and promote a more sustainable future

How OAK Works (1min)

Sustainable Development Goals logo

OAK is committed to helping businesses achieve sustainable practices and align with the Sustainable Development Goal 12, which emphasises responsible consumption and production.

Energy management plays a significant role in this, and our innovative solutions help businesses reduce their electricity usage, costs, and environmental impact. Through our platform, businesses can monitor and analyse their electricity consumption, identify inefficiencies, and implement targeted solutions to meet sustainability goals. By partnering with OAK, your businesses can not only improve the bottom line but also contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

  • Standard approach
  • OAK Forecasting
  • OAK Optimised

Through OAK’s recommendations, businesses can achieve up to a 20% decrease in their monthly electricity usage