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For every 10 Members that join our network, we will provide our service to a school in Europe, free of charge, forever.

Sustainable Label

Get a sustainable label for your store.

Data Security

Your data security is our #1 priority. That’s why our network is GDPR compliant and our data process is ICO/IEC27001 certified

Our Sustainable Promise

Save our year one membership fees minimum following 12 months OAK data management

Easy Installations

Retrofit monitoring tech & professional install included in package
Our Commitment
For every 10 Members that joins our network, we will supply and monitor a 🏫 school in Europe, free of charge, forever.

Tell me and I will forget

Teach me and I might remember

Involve me and I will learn

The generated data will be used by the schools to develop sustainable curriculum materials, as a way to involve futures generations into improving today for a better tomorrow.

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