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How it works

Smart Sensors

We use the best possible Internet of Things (IoT) smart tech to achieve your savings potential whilst delivering a profitable ROI to your business

Live Insights

We collect real-time data and let you know how you can reduce your consumption through our OAK Dashboard


OAK’s machine learning algorithm allows us to predict your consumption up to 30 days in advance and helps us calculate the ROI of new upgrades and retrofits

Clean Energy

We only work with green energy providers. Zero environmental impact, yet best price in the market for your business needs.

OAK Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard with in-depth business consumption in a simple format providing you with actionable insights to reduce your cost

Saving Costs

We aim to save you more than we cost, delivering a true win-win for you, your wallet, and the planet

Sound surreal? Take a look

Three steps to savings


OAK connects to your electricity meter and securely collects your consumption data


We identify inefficiencies and make monthly, actionable recommendations to reduce waste 


Savings up to 30% of your annual energy bill and reduced impact on the environment!

Consumption made simple

No idea where to start?

No problem, we are here to help. We know that not everyone has time to consider their electricity consumption, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with simple, yet in-depth, insights into how your business is consuming and how to reduce.  

We do the hard part of analysing the data and finding the solutions, making the decision a no-brainer for you.   

Going Net Zero

Cutting down your electricity bill not only saves you money, but it reduces your carbon emissions too, putting you well on the road towards carbon neutrality.

Want to learn more about how we do this? Read the Case Study

Always on the go? No problem, we got you!

Notifications you can’t miss

OAK will notify you if your consumption is abnormal and if an appliance seems to be overconsuming, this way you have full control over your operations at your fingertips

Predict the future

Did you think predicting the future was only for crystal balls? OAK predicts your energy consumption with ~90% accuracy for up to 30 days. This means you can also predict footfall in your business. Who needs a crystal ball!

OAK's commitment to sustainable education

Giving back

For every ten new members that join our network, we will fund a school to help educate the next generation to become green-minded adults

Sustainable Learning

OAK Garden develops programmes with partner schools and companies to curate the creation of new sustainably-focused education resources

Impact KPI's

Pupils follow a hands-on approach to learn, track and report on developments and behaviour changes over time, to better understand what actions they can take to reduce their impact on the planet

Community Involvement

Creating & sharing positive sustainable content, based on pupil engagement and research via collaboration with business, academic and government communities

Introducing OAK Garden, the not-for-profit organisation created by OAK Network to bring energy efficiency to schools. OAK Garden works directly with schools to reduce their electricity consumption, using the same processes as OAK Network, plus some educational resources and workshops with the pupils. OAK Garden aims to grow curiosity for a sustainable world.